Love baking when the weather turns cold!

Oxtails do not come from oxen. They are the tail of the common cow and are one of the most flavorful beef cuts. Long braising of oxtails makes the meat fall off the bones and creates a rich stock. My recipe for this delicious stew is composed of oxtail braised in a rich tomato and red wine based sauce. It’s serve with white rice/ potatoes or carrots or green twice fried plantains… Yummmm… Delicioso!

Slow-Roast Pork

Always known for our signature Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken, every weekend Chicken Latino serves even more Peruvian specialty dishes, in addition to our regular menu items. Recently we’ve added our Slow-Roast Pork (also known as Lechon or Carnitas) to the menu which is slow-braised for hours on low heat with our special seasonings and spices and served with two side items.

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Solterito Salad


I’m so happy to have found fresh fava beans at my local market! This is my version of “Solterito Salad” – Lima Bean Salad from Arequipa, Peru. The original recipe calls for corn kernels & black olives as well. This is a great recipe for summer is better served cold & tastes even better the day after… Yum! I’m remembering my mother’s cooking and #feelinghappy

Aji Picante Sauce


If you love our green spicy salsa, (aji picante sauce) we have it available for sale!

Butternut Squash Stew

Butternut squash stew or “locro de zapallo” is a delicious Peruvian dish that is perfect for winter. We use the freshest ingredients including these shallots and make it with Peruvian jumbo corn, yellow potatoes, squash, and just before serving I will add some queso fresco. It’s yummy and so lovely! Remember to cook with lots of love.